Whoops - no can do


Marrakech Donkey Cart

Where to begin - so much travel and so many thousands of photos gathered on those trips.

As with most of my photography, my passion lies in capturing the people I see on my travels, the scenery is fine, but it's the people that define travel for me. The most intriguing aspect of this type of photography is the reaction of the locals to being photographed. In Arabic countries, many of my attempts to photograph strangers have been met with hostility or at best a request for payment. South-East Asia, on the other hand, the people are delighted to be part of my photoshoot. Even where there is a language barrier, the universal password "Facebook" usually cuts the ice when I offer to share the shots I have taken. I always carry business cards with a link to my Facebook page and an email address. I ask them to contact me and I will send the photos in return. I find this approach less intimidating than asking them for their details and adds a touch of seriousness about my work.

The images below were all taken on trips to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Morocco. I had to limit the quantity somehow.