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Ashley Brooke-Mitchell - My First Model Shoot 2014

15th of February 2014 - That was the date of my first model shoot with Ashley Brook-Mitchell. The shoot was arranged by a friend in Paris and took place on Bir Hakeim bridge and I was a little uncomfortable working with a stranger for the first time. But Ashley was a constant flow of poses and every shot was compositionally great because she was so versatile. Not all the photos were quite so good because I was not paying enough attention to the camera settings in my attempts to keep up with the posing. However, I was so blown away by the fun of the day that I became hooked on photographing people, a passion that has stayed with me in the years to follow.

The more shoots I undertook, the more relaxed I became. The more relaxed I became the better the images became. The more practice I got the better I became at bringing out the best in my models which spilled over into my work with those regular people who aren't models but would like to look like them. This is a continually evolving process and one which keeps me as enthralled today as it did from the beginning. Well done Ashley.