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Fantasy Artwork

A work of fiction

A fantasy shoot is based on the strategy and pricing of a portrait shoot and usually results in a single image of the highest quality for the purpose of being framed and mounted.

Because of the many options available and the very specific nature of creating a piece of fantasy-art it is best to have a pre-shoot consultation to define a concept or look to be achieved and the colour scheme of the finished work. This kind of work translates best to activities concerned with motion, such as sports and dance.

A single image will be hand-crafted in the digital darkroom to create a work of fantasy representing performing your sport or activity in a totally unique style.

I can optionally provide high-quality printing in any size up to A2 (42.0 x 59.4cm) on a range of best fine-art media.

  • Fantasy Session

  • £250
    1 Hour Shoot
  • Pre-Shoot Consultation
  • single Hand-Crafted Image
  • Extra Image (Optional €50)
  • Drop box Download
  • Paper Printing (Optional)
  • Framing (Optional)

A fantasy shoot is a single location, one hour long, shoot combined with a pre-shoot consultation call or meeting with the client. The client will receive a single, hand-retouched, full size, digital image delivered electronically via an online dropbox. The image size will be a minimum of 4000 pixels along the longest edge allowing for printing on a large format.