Whoops - no can do


Nighttime in the Marais

Street photography became my passion when I first moved to Paris. Every street appeared to contain fascinating people from all social strata. You simply drowned in shooting opportunities.

The definition of street photography is the art of capturing candid shots of people going about their lives, oblivious to the camera lens pointing at them. I have many hundreds of street shots so I decided to limit this collection to my early exploits in Paris, although there are many more.

The purist street photographers insist that the images should be captured in black and white. Colour has no place in street photography. I beg to differ on that point and I've seen many bad images passed off as art because the colour had been removed. In my mind what matters most is the human interest, interaction between people or comedic setting. A good street shot possesses a certain "je ne sais pas" as the French would say.