Whoops - no can do


Isle of Skye - A drone holiday to the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye. The weather was foul but the drone took off whenever there was a break in the rain.  The aerial footage is supplemented by a selection of still images.  Music was created "in-House" using Ableton Live Suite.  Video editing was carried out using Adobe Premiere Pro 2020.

Six Days in the Ariege - A drone holiday to the Ariege region of Southern France. I stayed at the beautiful gite Manzac d'en Bas. Once again this video is a combination of drone footage and still images.  The location, so close to the Spanish border, is simply stunning and isn't overrun with tourists.  The video is set to the haunting music of Mazzy Star's "Into Dust" which I thought fit the imagery perfectly.

Wildlife Under Lockdown - A selection of video and still images captured around my home during the lockdown of early 2020.  I used a gentle track by Enya to support the rural theme.

Andalucia - A drone holiday to Southern Spain. This was not really a holiday as I was actually studying for my Commercial Drone Operators certification (PFCO).  The video footage was captured during the flying lessons at a selection of locations in the mountains behind Malaga.  Before flying home I visited a friend who took me for lunch to a mountain village where a local musician, Hector Bannon was playing music in the park.  I purchased his CD "Unforgettable Melodies" which has provided authentic Andalucian backing music.  This was my first attempt to compose a video using Adobe Premiere so it's a little bit clunky but still captures a sense of the location

Back in 2016, I was a bit of a pioneer of the use of electric unicycles.  They have since become a lot faster and safer but at the time surviving an outing unscathed was a pretty good outcome.  This video shows me cruising around the Grand Canal in the Palace of Versailles.  This was one of my regular outings and used to cause a bit of a stir with the foot and bicycle based tourists.  The footage was shot using a GoPro camera on a selfie stick and features a great track by Tom Petty - "Running down the wind"