Whoops - no can do


Walking in the Rain

Bringing the experience gained from model shoots I find tremendous pleasure in photographing "regular people", and making them look and feel like models.

Photographing friends is relatively easy but when it comes to approaching strangers and persuading them to pose for you takes a certain level of bravery. In my early days, when I saw someone who looked interesting, I would try to sneak a sly shot of them as they passed by. But the lack of interaction with the camera leaves the images without soul and you have no idea if the image reflects that person in the way that their friends see them. I was tutored in this skill by a great friend, Jean-Michel Volat, sadly now deceased. J-M was able to charm anyone into posing for him and it was almost magical to watch him work. It took me a couple of years to begin to replicate the charm of my mentor. But the real secret lies in being relaxed, confident, and open, which most people respond well to, after all, who doesn't want to hear that they look so interesting that you have to capture them.

With several years of experience of people shooting I find myself in my element when working with friends and strangers. The shoots always start the same way, nervous, awkward, embarrassed, and uncomfortable. By the time the shoot finishes, most people have really enjoyed the experience and they all find themselves hamming it up for the camera.

Couples and families tend to be easier as there is always a comfort to be found in the group experience. It only takes one member of the family to get into posing and the rest will soon follow.

Very rarely, I find an individual who is totally at ease being photographed and that's where the real fun lies as the concept of work vanishes completely. It's all about fun.

People photography, I am sure, will remain my greatest passion