Whoops - no can do

Shock Horror

This was my first shoot of 2017. My passion has been parked for a while during my house/job move back to the UK. This was the first free weekend I have had in quite a while and I wasn't going to waste it. I went along to a night club called Fuel in the centre of Cardiff where they were hosting a group shoot on the theme of horror.

Several models turned up in varying degrees of costumery. Some of the guys were seriously into cosplay and had really fabulous outfits. The girls tended to be a little more traditional but everyone was in the swing of things.

Unlike previous group shoots that I have attended in Paris, this was a bit of a free-for-all and, as the new boy to the group, I had no idea where to start. After observing for a short while I grabbed a passing Joker and started snapping away. I didn't get to work with all of the model but I managed to grab a fair selection.

Back in the digital darkroom, I opted for a high-contrast, high-structure treatment, with the occasional addition of a little HDR. The resulting images took on a cartoon-like style in keeping with the subject matter. I must have got things pitched right because the models were thrilled with the outcome.

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