Whoops - no can do

Sand Racers on Hoylake beach

This morning started with a torrential downpour followed by a hail shower. Not a day for going out to take photographs I thought - how wrong I was. I went out in the car to grab a coffee and on the way back I drove along the seafront at Hoylake just as the sun decided to come out. The tide goes out a long, long way at this location leaving a vast expanse of flat sand. Hoylake's equivalent of the Bonneville salt flats often attracts an army of sand yacht racers but today I noticed we had a small group of kite racers which I hadn't noticed previously. So I quickly nipped home and grabbed my camera and the 100-400mm zoom and hiked across the sands to the kite racers.

I was expecting to find a group of young, trendy guys, indulging themselves in a newish craze. As it transpired most of them were around my own age which really amused me, and being sensible types each had brought a small pup tent and a packed lunch to add to their comfort. I got chatting to one of the guys, Rob, and learned that a top quality kite costs in the region of £1,500 which explains why youngsters aren't participating.

Despite their maturity the guys weren't above a little bit of showboating for the camera and I collected some fun images.

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