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Prix de Diane Longines

Sunday was a race meeting at Chantilly Hippodrome, North of Paris. The event was the Prix de Diane Longines. The main purpose in attending was not to bet on the horses but to shoot the fashion. This event is the French equivalent of Lady's Day at Ascot and was not to be missed.

My buddies had managed to get me a press accreditation and I was able to use the VIP parking and access most areas of the course. The email received prior to the event stated that the dress code for photographers was jacket, shirt and tie with sensible shoes. So I turned up looking very dapper (like everyone else) in my striped blazer and black tie, trousers and shoes. Then came the kick in the nuts - I was given a Press photographer tabard to put over my outfit which made me look like a complete Tw@t. So the blazer had to go in the bag. The great thing about wearing the press vest was that everyone was delighted to be photographed by me. They must have been labouring under the misapprehension they were going to make into the mainstream French media. Yeh that'll be right.

Two shoots in one day - in addition to the fashion there was plenty of opportunity for a little street photography. Stealing images of people too oblivious to notice they were being snapped. A race track is full of characters from all walks of life but all of them appeared to have a common interest - studying form and eating food.

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