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Marrakesh 2016

December 2016 - I had only been back from Vietnam a week and I was already missing the thrill of travel. A Facebook friend popped up and mentioned that she was travelling to Morocco in January and the seed was sown. A quick search of the Air France website revealed that I could get a return ticket to Casablanca for 25,000 air miles and 79 euros and a 3-hour train ride to Marrakech for 10 euros. I had no other plans in the run up to Christmas so considered it booked.

Hotels.com is my goto website for travel bookings and I had a free night's stay available so I have managed to book 4 nights in Marrakech for the price of three. I was less adventurous this time and stayed put for the duration in a lovely place called the Riad Melhoun & Spa. It was very exotic and totally different from anything I've experienced before.

Add the that my first taste of a hammam and spa and the trip was fabulous if a little brief.

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