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An evening at the James Joyce

After 5 years working together my project team, or at least what was left of it, spent our last evening together in Paris at the James Joyce pub. We were joined by a couple of daughters and the occasional wife and the atmosphere was delightful. I had been out taking some photographs of my daughter during the day and still had my camera bag with me to record the event.

The pub was very dark but there was a warm looking, wooden staircase that looked perfect for an impromptu studio. Fortunately, I had with me my Canon 85mm f1.2 lens which can just about shoot in the dark and still give great results. After taking a few shots of my friends I got the feeling that the bar staff, who are very familiar with my workmate Lee, wanted to join in too so they also got snapped. All in all this was a nice record of our final evening together before the team was scattered to the four winds.

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