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Personal Branding

Projecting Your Image

A personal branding shoot gives you the opportunity to create a suite of related images that project a strong and uniform message of you as an individual or your business. Most often these images would be used in your online presence with sites such as LinkedIn or as part of your business brochures and cards

Before the shoot we would arrange a consultation to determine the type of images you wish to have created. The location can be indoors, at home or a place of work, or outdoors at a location of your choosing. Recommendations for suitable clothing and other finishing touches can be decided upon and tips given on posing.

At a branding session, I would expect to shoot in the region of 50 to 100 photographs. With so many shots a high percentage will be very similar and only vary upon facial expression, the way your clothing and hair drapes. I will perform a first pass selection based on image quality and any obvious flaws such as an obtrusive passerby, eyes closed etc. Although I am willing to make suggestions I believe that the client should be the selector of their best images, so all the photographs that "make the cut" will be hosted in a private client area where you can review them and select 10 images from the shoot. After you have made your choice I will edit the selected images, adjusting colour casts, contrast, removing blemishes and distractions to create the perfect images to represent you and the message you wish to project.

Once finalised your images will be delivered digitally via a dropbox in two sizes. Full sized images (over 4000 pixels longest edge) suitable for large-scale printing together with reduced size images (1200 pixels longest edge) for immediate use on social media sites. Alternatively-sized images can be provided, free of charge, at the client's request.

I can optionally provide high-quality printing in any size up to A2 (42.0 x 59.4cm) on a range of best fine-art media.

Personal branding is a single location, one hour long, shoot combined with a pre-shoot consultation call or meeting with the client. The client will receive a suite of 10, edited, digital images in two sizes, delivered electronically via an online dropbox. The large image size will be a minimum of 4000 pixels along the longest edge allowing for printing on a large format while the smaller images will be provided in a social media friendly format.

  • Personal Branding

  • £200
    1 Hour Shoot
  • Pre-Shoot Consultation
  • 10 Edited Images
  • Additional Images
  • Drop box Download
  • Two Sizes Provided
  • Paper Printing (Optional)