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What & Where

I am now based in the Bristol area of England and I undertake commissions both in my home region and most other places if the project is sufficiently interesting.  I have a passion for natural light, outdoor shoots but I am just as comfortable in a studio environment.  I enjoy meeting new people and love to work with individuals, couples or groups.

Who Am I

I have been a photographer for longer than I can remember.  For many years, I worked as a freelance consultant, which allowed me to travel extensively and get paid for the privilege.  During that time, I became more and more hooked on photography.  Initially it was travel photography, then later on I became interested in wildlife and landscapes.  While this was fun and I created some nice images, they didn't produce any kind of special excitement.

In recent years, I have been spending a lot of time in Paris where the wildlife is in short supply and the landmarks have been photographed a million times from every conceivable angle. In an attempt to find something that was fresh and interesting to me, I started photographing people. It was a revelation. 

I had no idea that I was a "people person”, but as it turns out, I love interacting with new people. Who knew?  People offer an endless opportunity to create something special through their ever changing expressions, allowing me to record emotions and so much more.  And I never tire of seeing the delight on a client's face when they take a peek at the back of the camera during a shoot and see something that makes them feel good.

Some love to pose, while others are horrified when the lens points towards them.  Sometimes the mood isn't right, while on other occasions, there's high energy associated with a shoot.  I look on it as my personal challenge to make all of the people I work with enjoy the experience, and to provide them with images they will enjoy looking at for years to come.

Come and join me, I promise it will be fun.